Innovation Accelerator

Greater Manchester was selected as one of three areas to the pilot the Innovation Accelerator programme by UK Government.

The Innovation Accelerator programme is investing £100 million in 26 transformative research and development projects to accelerate the growth of three high-potential innovation clusters: Glasgow City Region, Greater Manchester and West Midlands. It’s led by Innovate UK on behalf of UK Research and Innovation and the Department for Science and Innovation (DSIT).

Greater Manchester’s Innovation Accelerator programme is backing 10 projects across the city-region.

Find out more about Greater Manchester’s Innovation Accelerator projects here.

The Innovation Accelerator is advancing the many changes needed to achieve Innovation Greater Manchester's 2030 vision. It is a unique opportunity for local and national government and innovation agencies to work with businesses to co-design, deploy, and evaluate new approaches to place-based innovation.

Innovation Greater Manchester believes the biggest opportunity to fuel innovation-led inclusive growth is by exploiting synergies between cross-cutting technology families and frontier sectors, alongside strengthening the wider innovation ecosystem.

We have prioritised actions to make rapid progress in key technology families and to address the most critical gaps in Greater Manchester’s innovation ecosystem.

Innovation Accelerator